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다이나믹 듀오(Dynamic Duo)

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For 다이나믹 듀오(Dynamic Duo)

Artist Tags For 다이나믹 듀오(Dynamic Duo)

1) Electronic 2) Soul 3) R&b 4) Hiphop 5) Korean

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For 다이나믹 듀오(Dynamic Duo)

1) BAAAM (Feat. Muzie of UV) 2) 날개뼈 (Hot Wings) (feat. 효린 Of Sistar) 3) 쌔끈해 (Three Dopeboyz) (Feat. Zion.T) 4) 거품 안 넘치게 따라줘 (Life Is Good) (Feat. Crush, DJ Friz) 5) 진격의 거인 둘 (Return Of The Kings) 6) 슛 골인 (Shoot - Goal In) 7) Airplane Mode (Feat. 이주한, 혜원 of Winterplay, Simo) 8) 아침사랑 (Good Morning Love) 9) 만루홈런 (Lee Dae Ho) (feat. Supreme Team, DJ Friz) 10) 가끔씩 오래 보자 (Shin Dong Yeop) 11) 범죄야 범죄 (Crime Scene) (feat. 정재일) 12) Skit #1 13) 불타는 금요일 (Friday Night) 14) 비극 Part 2 (Tragedy Part 2) 15) 해뜰때까지만 (Girl) 16) 거기서거기 (Without You) 17) 죽일 놈(Guilty) 18) 사선에서 (In The Line Of Fire) (feat. Mad Soul Child) 19) 막잔하고 나갈게 (Lost One) 20) 살발해 (Forever Young) (feat. Beenzino) 21) 죽일 놈 (Guilty) 22) 남자로서 (Great Expectation) 23) 수면장애 (Sleep Disorder) 24) Precious Love (feat. Jinbo) 25) Digilog Intro 26) 참고 살아 (be...) 27) Ring My Bell (feat. 나얼 Of Brown Eyed Soul) 28) 불꽃놀이 (Fireworks) 29) 미안해 30) 쌔끈해 (Three Dopeboyz) (Feat. Zion T) 31) 혹으로 알아 (Innocent Prisoner) 32) 남산워먼 (Namsan Woman) (Feat. UV) 33) Biggestmagicalvision 34) 확가게 (Go Hard!!) 35) Ugly 36) Summer Time (자리비움) 37) 고백 (Go Back) (feat. 정인) 38) 청춘 (Spring Time) (Feat. 김C) 39) Outro 40) 사랑의 미학 (Art of Love) (Primary Remix) 41) Solo (feat. Alex) 42) Beyond The Wall (Feat. Supreme Team) 43) 월광증 (Moonstruck) (Feat. Simon D) 44) 제끼자 (Check This Out!!!) (Feat. Yankie, Yabul) 45) 사랑의 미학 (Art of Love) 46) 잔돈은 됐어요 (Keep The Change) (Feat. Garie, Bumky) 47) 오해 (Misunderstood) (Feat. Simon D, 행주 of 리듬파워) 48) 이력서 49) 끝 (Apoptosis) 50) 어머니의 된장국 (feat. Ra.D)

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