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Anger of Gods

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Anger of Gods

Artist Tags For Anger of Gods

Black Metal

Dungeon Synth

Dark Ambient



Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Anger of Gods

1) Dark Spell Of Old Gods 2) Only Victims In My War 3) Lords of Chaos 4) Proud In The Death 5) Barbarian Worship (Intro) 6) Heart of Cruelty 7) 100 deutsche Jahre (Outro) 8) Pround in Death 9) Barbarian Whorship (Intro) 10) Heart Of Cruely 11) Show No Mercy 12) Heart Of Cruelity 13) Heart Of Cruelity / 100 Deutsche Jahre (Outro) 14) Outro 15) Dominance Of The Black Steel 16) Pestthrower 17) Barbarian Whorship 18) Intro: Barbarian Whorship (Intro) 19) Proud in Death 20) Barbarian Worship [Demo] (Old-School Dungeon Synth, Black Ambient) 21) Intro: Barbarian Worship 22) Barbarian Worship 23) Dark Spell Of Old Gods [2fJj] 24) Heart Of Cruelty [2fJf] 25) Proud In The Death [2fJm] 26) Barbarian Whorship Intro [2fJg] 27) Dark Spell Of Old Gods [2fJk] 28) 100 Deutsche Jahre Outro [2fJe] 29) Barbarian Whorship [2fJi] 30) Outro: 100 Deutsche Jahre 31) Intro: Barbarian Whorship 32) Heart of Cruely / 100 deutsche Jahre (Outro) 33) Dark Spells Of Old Gods 34) Pround in the Death 35) eart Of Cruelity / 100 Deutsche Jahre (Outro) 36) 100 Deutsche Jahre

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