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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Be'lakor

Be'lakor is an Australian Melodic death metal band from Melbourne, Victoria. History Be'lakor formed as a band in 2004, but didn't start playing concerts until 2005. The band's name comes from the character Be'lakor the Dark Master in the game Warhammer Fantasy that some of the members used to play, for its uniqueness. In 2007, the band self-released their debut album, The Frail Tide, which received generally positive reviews. In 2008, Be'lakor signed with Descent Productions, and re-released The Frail Tide in a digipack form.

Artist Tags For Be'lakor

Melodic Death Metal

Progressive Death Metal

Death Metal



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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Be'lakor

1) Abeyance 2) Venator 3) From Scythe to Sceptre 4) Remnants 5) Sun's Delusion 6) Countless Skies 7) Fraught 8) Outlive the Hand 9) Husks 10) Aspect 11) Neither Shape Nor Shadow 12) Held in Hollows 13) In Parting 14) The Smoke of Many Fires 15) Absit Omen 16) The Dream and the Waking 17) Tre'aste 18) To Stir the Sea 19) The Desolation Of Ares 20) By Moon and Star 21) A Natural Apostasy 22) Paths 23) Sanguinary 24) An Ember's Arc 25) Luma 26) Roots to Sever 27) Withering Strands 28) Whelm 29) A Thread Dissolves 30) Grasping Light 31) An Ember´s Arc 32) Hidden Window 33) Vessels 34) Stone's Reach 35) Of Breath and Bone 36) An Ember's Arc | Napalm Records 37) Sun’s Delusion 38) The Smoke Of Many Fires | Napalm Records 39) The Frail Tide 40) Desolation of Ares 41) Abeyance (HD) 42) Held in Hollows (2009) 43) Roots To Sever | Napalm Records 44) Side A - Venator / From Scythe to Sceptre 45) Side B - Outlive the Hand / Sun's Delusion 46) Side C - Held in Hollows / Husks 47) An Ember's Arc : An Ember's Arc 48) Side D - Aspect / Countless Skies 49) A Natural Apostacy (Lyrics) 50) From Scythe to Spectre

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