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Dark Tranquillity

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dark Tranquillity

Dark Tranquillity, İsveç kökenli melodik death metal grubudur. Bu alanda en uzun süredir aktif olan grup olan Dark Tranquillity aynı zamanda İsveç death metali denilen tarzın da yaratıcılarındandır. 1989 yılının başlarında vokalist Anders Friden, gitarist Niklas Sundin, ritim gitarist Mikael Stanne, bas gitarist Martin Henriksson ve baterist Anders Jivarp bir araya gelip "Septic Broiler" adında bir thrash metal grubu kurdular. 1990

Artist Tags For Dark Tranquillity

Melodic Death Metal

Death Metal



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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dark Tranquillity

1) Misery's Crown 2) Monochromatic Stains 3) Lost to Apathy 4) Terminus (where Death Is Most Alive) 5) Final Resistance 6) Nothing to No One 7) The Lesser Faith 8) Focus Shift 9) The Mundane and the Magic 10) Icipher 11) Lethe 12) Blind at Heart 13) The New Build 14) Hours Passed in Exile 15) The Treason Wall 16) Punish My Heaven 17) Damage Done 18) Cathode Ray Sunshine 19) The Wonders at Your Feet 20) Inside the Particle Storm 21) ThereIn 22) Empty Me 23) Single Part of Two 24) The Endless Feed 25) Out of Nothing 26) Mind Matters 27) Through Smudged Lenses 28) One Thought 29) The Enemy 30) Dry Run 31) Senses Tied 32) Format C: for Cortex 33) My Negation 34) Ex Nihilo 35) Am I 1? 36) Edenspring 37) Haven 38) The Gallery 39) Not Built to Last 40) Atoma 41) Shadow in our Blood 42) The Fatalist 43) Feast of Burden 44) UnDo Control 45) Indifferent Suns 46) FreeCard 47) Auctioned 48) Her Silent Language 49) The Dividing Line 50) Fabric

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