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Eric Tingstad

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Eric Tingstad

sait palanduz wrote Eric Tingstad The eldest of three brothers, Eric grew up in Western Washington. He is a product of influences like Led Zeplin, King Crimson and time spent pounding out rock and roll. Not to mention the family "Hi-fi" with Hawaiian slack key guitar, Ravi Shanker, The Kingston Trio and Martin Denny. A classically trained guitarist in the Segovian tradition, Tingstad began his recording career in 1981 with the release of "On The Links.

Artist Tags For Eric Tingstad

1) Guitar 2) New Age 3) Instrumental 4) Flamenco 5) Relaxing

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Eric Tingstad

1) Monongahela 2) The Lawnmower Song 3) Lo Que Tu Quisieras (As You Wish) 4) Theme from Bush House 5) Bridal Suite 6) Flight to Buck Mountain 7) The Last Caballero 8) Where the Moon Stood Still 9) Leo's Lament 10) Renewal 11) Magnolia 12) CRAFTSMAN, THE 13) Shadow Dancer 14) August 15) Sunrise At Four Corners 16) Taos Hum 17) Trails End 18) Shenandoah 19) Chehalis 20) Sequoia 21) Lucinda 22) Rhythm of the Desert 23) Walking in Two Worlds 24) Urban Guitar 25) Danza Mora 26) Kiva (hear the Wind Blow) 27) Carnival Images 28) Madrona 29) Touring 30) Voices of the Ancient Ones 31) Appalachia Calling 32) Hot Sauce 33) Oaks 34) Sombrero Fallout 35) The Craftsman 36) Skater's Waltz 37) Prelude From the Bridal Suite 38) In Moonlight Blue 39) Willow 40) Don Juan 41) The Merced 42) Zelda's Dance 43) The Eyes of Amelia 44) Johnny Appleseed 45) Emerald Pavane 46) Acoustic Garden 47) Ceremony of the Aurora 48) Shenandoah - Remastered 49) Hark, The Herald Angels Sing 50) It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

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