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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Falconer

Falconer is a Swedish power metal band from Mjölby, formed in 1999. Founded by the former guitarist of Mithotyn, Stefan Weinerhall. Falconer carry on many of the traditions set by Weinerhall's previous band and play a style of power metal that utilises folk instrumentation and melody to create a more medieval sound. Origins When the band Mithotyn dissolved in 1999, Stefan went on to what would later become Falconer, with the same kind of melodies and epic lyrics.

Artist Tags For Falconer

1) Power Metal 2) Folk Metal 3) Metal 4) Heavy Metal 5) Swedish

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Falconer

1) The Clarion Call 2) Mindtraveller 3) Under The Sword 4) The Coronation 5) A Quest For The Crown 6) Wings Of Serenity 7) Lord Of The Blacksmiths 8) The Trail of Flames 9) Night Of Infamy 10) Enter The Glade 11) Ravenhair 12) Pledge for Freedom 13) Hooves Over Northland 14) Hear Me Pray 15) Child Of Innocence 16) Entering Eternity 17) The Sceptre Of Deception 18) Portals Of Light 19) Upon The Grave Of Guilt 20) Heresy in Disguise 21) Long Gone By 22) Northwind 23) Waltz With The Dead 24) The Past Still Lives On 25) Spirit Of The Hawk 26) Emotional Skies 27) Vargaskall 28) Royal Galley 29) Catch The Shadows 30) Legend And The Lore 31) Stand In Veneration 32) Purgatory Time 33) Tower Of The Queen 34) Humanity Overdose 35) Jack The Knife 36) The Assailant 37) I Refuse 38) For Life And Liberty 39) Substitutional World 40) Perjury And Sanctity 41) Man Of The Hour 42) Decadence Of Dignity 43) Busted To The Floor 44) Child Of The Wild 45) Lament Of A Minstrel 46) Power 47) Fairyland Fanfare 48) No Tears For Strangers 49) A Beggar Hero 50) Blinded

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