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Gil Scott-Heron

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Gil Scott-Heron

dün + bugün amerikasını , bundan dolayı tüm dünya halini 30 yıl önce kendi tarzında yorumlayan/açıklayan ve en önemlisi amerikan halkının nabzını ve kültürsüzlüğünü (nereden olsun ki zaten) bilen bir müzik bilgini/alimi.... özellikle ....... .........b-movie.......angel dust........evolution +flashback.....H2O gate.... parçaları...

Artist Tags For Gil Scott-Heron

1) Soul 2) Funk 3) Jazz 4) Poetry 5) Political

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Gil Scott-Heron

1) The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 2) Me and the Devil 3) Home Is Where the Hatred Is 4) Lady Day and John Coltrane 5) New York Is Killing Me 6) The Bottle 7) I'm New Here 8) Running 9) I Think I'll Call It Morning 10) Save the Children 11) When You Are Who You Are 12) Where Did the Night Go 13) Pieces of a Man 14) The Crutch 15) Your Soul and Mine 16) Or Down You Fall 17) I'll Take Care of You 18) A Sign of the Ages 19) The Needle's Eye 20) Whitey on the Moon 21) The Prisoner 22) Winter in America 23) Did You Hear What They Said? 24) I'll Take Care Of U 25) Gun 26) I’m New Here 27) The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues 28) On Coming From A Broken Home (Pt. 1) 29) I’ll Take Care Of You 30) On Coming From a Broken Home (Part 1) 31) No Knock 32) NY is Killing Me 33) My Cloud 34) Brother 35) We Almost Lost Detroit 36) On Coming From a Broken Home (Part 2) 37) Free Will 38) Grandma's Hands 39) On Coming From A Broken Home (Pt. 2) 40) Johannesburg 41) Storm Music 42) Piano Player 43) Home 44) Sex Education: Ghetto Style 45) The Vulture 46) Is That Jazz? 47) Speed Kills 48) Angel Dust 49) Sex Education - Ghetto Style 50) Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams)

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