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Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez

Omar Alfredo Rodríguez-López (d. 1 eylül 1975) prodüktör, multi-enstrümantalist, şarkı yazarı, Amerikalı prog. rock grubu The Mars Volta'nın gitaristi ve dağılan post-hardcore grubu At The Drive-in kurucusu ve gitaristidir. Rodriguez-Lopez'in müzik kariyeri El Paso, Texas'lı post-hardcore grubu Startled Calf'ta başlamıştır. Henüz 15 yaşındayken grubun solistliğini yapmış, 91 yılında kendisinin ve grubun ilk kaydı olan "I Love Being Trendy" Ep'si yayınlanmıştır.

Artist Tags For Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez

1) Experimental 2) Progressive Rock 3) Psychedelic 4) Instrumental 5) Jazz

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez

1) The Palpitations Form a Limit 2) Rapid Fire Tollbooth 3) How to Bill the Bilderberg Group 4) Coma Pony 5) Deus Ex Machina 6) Population Council's Wet Dream 7) Hands Tied to the Roots of a Hemorrhage 8) Private Fortunes 9) Welcome to my Church 10) 0 11) Lights 12) Vipers In The Bosom 13) The Power Of Myth 14) 0=2 15) Luxury Of Infancy 16) Dyna Sark Arches 17) 1921 18) Locomocion Capilar 19) Old Money 20) Thermometer Drinking The Bussness Of Turnstiles 21) Around Knuckle White Tile 22) Boiling Death Request a Body to Rest Its Head On 23) Here the Tame Go By 24) Melting Chariots 25) If Gravity Lulls, I Can Hear The World Pant 26) Please Heat This Eventually 27) Lurking About In A Cold Sweat (Held Together By Venom) 28) A Dressing Failure 29) Dramatic Theme 30) 4:17 am 31) Family War Funding (Love Those Rothschilds) 32) Se Dice Bisonte, No Bufalo 33) Calibration 34) Un Buitre Amable Me Pico 35) La Tirania De La Tradicion 36) Trilateral Commission as Dinner Guests 37) El Monte T'ai 38) Mexico 39) Amanita virosa 40) ZIM 41) LOE 42) Sensory Decay Part II 43) Of Blood Blue Blisters 44) VTA 45) Desarraigo 46) Running Away 47) Una Ced Lacerante 48) Dream Sequence 49) 5:45 am 50) Pawn Shop Blues

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