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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Powerwolf

In 2003, "brothers" Charles and Matthew Greywolf, who had been playing together for years, decided to create a band, and this is how Powerwolf started. Soon the "brothers" added French drummer Stéfane Funèbre and German keyboardist Falk Maria Schlegel to the band, but couldn't find a suitable singer to complete Powerwolf. In the meantime, the band started writing, and on holidays in Romania, Charles and Matthew met Attila Dorn. Dorn, who studied Classical Opera at the Music Academy of Bucharest, became the frontman of Powerwolf.

Artist Tags For Powerwolf

1) Power Metal 2) Heavy Metal 3) German 4) Metal 5) Seen Live

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Powerwolf

1) We Drink Your Blood 2) Sanctified With Dynamite 3) Raise Your Fist, Evangelist 4) Die, Die, Crucified 5) Resurrection By Erection 6) Army of the Night 7) Night of the Werewolves 8) Amen & Attack 9) All We Need Is Blood 10) Son of a Wolf 11) Catholic in the Morning... Satanist at Night 12) Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend 13) Werewolves of Armenia 14) Dead Boys Don't Cry 15) Murder At Midnight 16) Panic in the Pentagram 17) Moscow After Dark 18) Prayer in the Dark 19) Sacred & Wild 20) Incense & Iron 21) Coleus Sanctus 22) Midnight Messiah 23) We Take It From the Living 24) Seven Deadly Saints 25) Mr. Sinister 26) Armata Strigoi 27) Saturday Satan 28) In the Name of God (Deus Vult) 29) We Take the Church By Storm 30) In Blood We Trust 31) Kreuzfeuer 32) Wolves Against the World 33) Phantom of the Funeral 34) Opening: Prelude to Purgatory 35) Ira Sancti (When the Saints Are Going Wild) 36) Kiss of the Cobra King 37) Blessed & Possessed 38) Extatum et Oratum 39) We Came to Take Your Souls 40) Fire & Forgive 41) Lupus Dei 42) Vampires Don't Die 43) Mother Mary Is a Bird of Prey 44) When the Moon Shines Red 45) Killers With The Cross 46) Cardinal Sin 47) Tiger of Sabrod 48) Higher Than Heaven 49) Black Mass Hysteria 50) Behind the Leathermask

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Powerwolf

1) Blood of the Saints 2) Bible Of The Beast 3) Preachers of the Night 4) Blessed & Possessed 5) Lupus Dei 6) Return in Bloodred 7) The Sacrament Of Sin 8) The Sacrament of Sin (Deluxe Version) 9) (null) 10) Blessed And Possessed 11) The History of Heresy II (2009 - 2012) 12) Kiss of the Cobra King (New Version 2019) 13) The History of Heresy I (2004 - 2008) 14) Demons Are a Girl‘s Best Friend 15) Preachers of the Night (Deluxe Edition) 16) Incense & Iron 17) Werewolves of Armenia (New Version 2020) 18) Metallum Nostrum 19) Fire & Forgive 20) Best of the Blessed (Deluxe Version) 21) Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend 22) The Metal Mass - Live 23) Blessed & Posessed 24) Blessed & Posessed (Deluxe Version) 25) Alive In The Night 26) Amen & Attack 27) Kiss Of The Cobra King 28) Blood of the Saints (Limited Edition, CD1) 29) Blessed and Possessed (Deluxe Version) 30) The Metal Mass 31) The Symphony Of Sin 32) Armata Strigoi 33) Blessed and Possessed (Deluxe Edition) 34) Best of the Blessed 35) Powerwolf - Blessed and Possessed (Deluxe Edition) 36) The Rockhard Sacrament 37) Preachers Of The Night (Limited Edition) CD1 38) Midnight Madonna 39) Blood Of The Saints (Bonus CD) 40) Powerwolf - Preachers of the Night (MP3 Album) 41) The Metal Mass (Live) 42) The Rockhard Sacrament (EP) 43) The Rockhard Sacrament EP 44) The Sacrilege Symphony II 45) Spirit in Black, Chapter Two (The Ultimate Metal Selection) 46) Sanctified with Dynamite (Live) 47) Blood of the Saints [FL, Germany, Metal Blade Records, 3984-15009-0D1] 48) Blessed Possessed 49) Army of the Night 50) Lupus Dei [FL]

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