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The Moffatts

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Moffatts

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Pop Rock




The Moffatts

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Moffatts

1) Bang Bang Boom 2) Miss You Like Crazy 3) I'll Be There For You 4) Misery 5) Girl Of My Dreams 6) If Life Is So Short 7) Until You Loved Me 8) Crazy 9) Walking Behind 10) Just Another Phase 11) Love 12) Who Do You Love 13) Wild At Heart 14) I Don't Want You to Want Me 15) Say'n I Love You 16) Written All Over My Heart 17) California 18) Typical 19) Life On Mars 20) Don't Walk Away 21) Raining in My Mind 22) We Are Young 23) Antifreeze & Aeroplanes 24) Always in my Heart 25) Girl I'M Gonna Get You 26) Now And Forever 27) Spy 28) Call the Doctor 29) So In Love 30) Jump 31) Secrets 32) Like I Love U 33) Miss You Like Crazy - Long Version 34) Say'n I Love U 35) I Think She Likes Me 36) Miss You Like Crazy (Long Version) 37) She Said* 38) All I Need Is You* 39) Miss You Like Crazy - Unplugged 40) Miss You Like Crazy (Unplugged) 41) Alway In My Heart 42) Call The Doctor (She's In My Head) 43) Practice Makes Perfect 44) Destiny 45) I'll be there for you - unplugged 46) Misery - Radio Edit 47) Girls Of The World 48) I'll Be There For You (Unplugged) 49) Bonus Track (Entitled Frustration) 50) Guns Of Love

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