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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Unforseen

Artist Tags For Unforseen

1) Metal 2) Electronic 3) Folk 4) Ambient 5) Unsigned

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Unforseen

1) I Can't Tell if I'm Happy or Sad 2) don't let go 3) when we said goodbye for the last time 4) i hope one day i'll find you 5) i hate feeling anxious 6) I'm Still Waiting For You To Come Back 7) are you the light 8) waiting for the perfect valentine 9) when the sun sets, will i lose you 10) heartbreak 11) give me back the nights i've wasted thinking about you 12) maybe we were meant to be 13) inside out w/ megan mikhail 14) so much left for us to discover 15) follow your heart 16) these are the words i could not find to tell you just how much i miss you 17) lucky to be found 18) all i feel is nothing worth feeling 19) some things are too good to be true 20) i tried to love you 21) my life is nowhere near complete 22) journey to the top of the mountain 23) my heart is full, just like this song 24) i'll be waiting 25) for you to whom i never existed 26) why are we here 27) i hate you 28) i want to love like they do in the movies 29) an unexplainable sorrow 30) you make me feel like the flowers as they blossom in the spring 31) i still see you in my dreams 32) just take a deep breath 33) the last time i fell in love 34) the universe inside of you 35) take my heart, rip it in two, one piece for me, and one piece for you 36) where did you go 37) come back (4lienetic Rework) 38) i can't help but wonder 39) i wish you could feel my heart whenever i think about you 40) we were never meant to be 41) i never meant for it to end like this 42) that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach 43) it's cold here without you 44) prom night 45) this is how it made me feel whenever you crossed my mind 46) brokenhearted 47) all that i have left is the memory of what used to be 48) when i thought i wasn't enough for you 49) i will always be there for you 50) let go

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